Life after Death

Those who visit my homepage from time to time are in for a surprise: I actually managed to update it! Not only did I post exciting news, I also revamped the site´s concept to make it easier to navigate for the reader. As a positive side-effect, it should help me to keep the site in shape and avoid information black holes like the last ten months. Thanks to everybody who kept their faith in me and had a look from time to time, I won´t dissapoint you again...

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S2N Pressclips

There were a lot of interesting reviews and features about my debut-album “Signal To Noise”. I collected and scanned some of them so that you can check out the coverage. Sorry, it´s all in German but maybe this is a good opportunity to learn a new language…

Read selected Pressclips

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Shibuya FM

In November 2004, Mitsukuni from Pentagon and me started our monthly show on a terrestial station called "Shibuya FM". Based in the infamous district of the same name, it covers pretty much the whole of downtown Tokyo. Our mix is always split into 30-minute segements, and since Shibuya FM doesn´t feature any kind of internet archive or stream we decided to put this show online ourselves. So far there are five of my half-hour long mixes online, and the first show was a one-hour solo-affair by your truly.

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S2N Artwork

When I started thinking about the concept for my debut-album, the Bionic Systems were involved right from the start. Our goal was to come up with visuals for “Signal To Noise” that would make sense and look pretty. In this order. Nearly everybody who takes a peek at the cover of the album instantly falls in love with all the cute scribblings that fill the booklet from left to right. To come up with the ideas for all the characters and things on the cover we had a long conversation about stuff I like and what inspires me. Have a look for yourself

Have a look at some of the crazy designs

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Makai - Snow Crash (PRCSN)

Makai has left a mark on the global D&B-community, and especially the anthem "Beneath The Mask" caused damage from Budapast to Perth. But the release of "Stealth" marked the last time that Kabuki and Mainframe used their infamous alias, and Makai has been hibernating ever since. Almost five years later the dynamic duo figured it was time to get "in the zone" again, and the result is a hybrid of vintage neurofunk mixed with testosterone aptly titled "Snow Crash". Keeping a top-ten spot in the charts at for a solid month didn´t hurt either and gave this tune a massive fanbase all over the world.

Listen to the .mp3

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